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3.8m Hire Boats: Dinghy
(No Licence Required!!)

3.8m Dinghy

Exmouth Boat Hire has 3.8m dinghy available for hire. The hire dinghies can be launched just about anywhere off Exmouth’s and Coral Bay coast making them a lightweight and versatile boat for enjoy the Ningaloo Reef and its surrounds. Able to carry 4 people comfortably the boats offer an inexpensive way to explore Exmouth’s and Coral Bay’s Ningaloo Reef. You can comfortably take the boat on the inside of the reef off Coral Bay. They can even be towed down to Waroora Station, Exmouth Station and Ningaloo Homestead.


Mud Crabbing/ Prawning/Squidding Down Exmouth Gulf.
Exmouth gulf offers an excellent amount of mud crabs, blue manners and prawns, which can only be accessed by a tinny. Launching it down at Wapet Creek or Heron Point will get you down the Bay of Rest and the bottom of the gulf. Take note you need a Westerly winds for Exmouth Gulf pursuits . Best time of year for this is over summer

Reef Fishing:
With an abundance of Coral bombies and reef flats inside Ningaloo Reef off Tanatabiddi, there are plenty of resident Red Emperor, Coral Trout, Gold Band Snapper, Bluebone , the every elusive tripletail and many more species available for you to explore.


There are many world class diving sites accessible from both Exmouth and Coral Bay, to take you on the underwater experience of a lifetime. Fantastic coral formations, whale sharks, manta rays, dolphins, humpback whales, nudibranchs, starfish and anemones are just some of the fascinating marine life inhabiting the waters of the Ningaloo Reef Marine Park. Add to this the hundreds of species of coral and over 500 species of fish and you have a diver’s . CLICK HERE for more information on dive sites around Coral Bay and the Ningaloo Marine Park.  The 3.8m hire boat offer a versatile boat for beach launching whilst camping or accessing those remote tricky areas that plate boats can't get to.


Waroora Station:Grumpies:  is a powerful outer reef break left hander located south of Coral Bay towards Waroora Station.  You can access it by launching the boat from Coral Bay or using a dinghy and beach launching from 14 mile at Waroora Station

Whale watching

From June to October, humpback whales migrate between their summer breeding grounds and their winter feeding grounds. The waters not far off Coral Bay, Exmouth Gulf and all along the Ningaloo Coast are an ideal location to see the humpback whales playing and nursing their new born calves. Its not uncommon for boaters to see whale sharks also. 

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