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Hire Boats

We've been around a long time

We have the experience in Exmouth & Coral Bay! Exmouth boat hire has been established here now for over 13 years and has been serving visitors to Exmouth, Coral Bay and the Ningaloo Reef in Western Australia.We began with a tinny, and now we have a fleet of 12 vessels!

A business doesn’t grow without commitment to good customer service and quality in our hire boats here in Exmouth & Coral Bay WA. This is reflected in our growing client base and the numbers of returning clients that return to Exmouth and Coral Bay and hire our boats year after year.Yes, we’ll be the first to admit we’ve had some breakdowns over the years, but this is bound to happen with anything. We can honestly say, you could count the number of breakdowns with one or two hands at the most. Not bad when you’ve been around this long, I think!

You are fully covered by insurance

Exmouth boat hire will ensure that you have the proper insurance cover so you will be completely protected from damage expenses associated with the boat hire.  We also can guide you to plans that cover you for any bonds paid for boat hire

We know the area and have lived & fished Coral Bay, Exmouth & surrounds for over 20 years

We have lived in & fished in Exmouth, Coral Bay WA and its beautiful Ningaloo Reef for over 20 years and know it and love it well.  We have the knowledge to guide you to the best fishing and safest spots for the time of year that you are here in Exmouth.  The Exmouth Visitors Centre also has a wealth of information about other tours available.  We offer a fishing charter service which operates only out of Exmouth to help get you started.  Our skippers have worked in the marine industry for over 20 years and are very experienced.

Quality Yamaha motors: Motors serviced regularly & replaced regularly

Our first and foremost priority is to make sure our hire boats motors don’t break down.  Nothing can wreck a good days fishing any faster than motor breakdown.  We only use Yamaha & Honda 4 stroke(nearly all are 4 stroke)motors because of their quality and reliability.  They may cost a little more to purchase, but the reliability and fuel economy that you gain from them far outweighs this cost.  We have had a number of hirers become Yamaha and Honda converts after hiring our boats and noting the fuel economy.

Trust us over newcomer opertors who haven't stood the test of time & reliability.

You won't feel ripped off in bad weather

Nothing worse than to travel all the way up here and it blows its bum off for most of your stay and at certain times of the year in Exmouth and Coral Bay this can and does happen.  While we can’t guarantee good weather and lots of fish, we can provide you with boat hire credit the next time you come up.  We have a no refund policy when it comes to bad weather and boat hire, if its un-boatable during your hire period we will provide you with hire credits for the next time you are in Exmouth, Coral Bay or Perth.  Because we offer such a wide variety of services these credits can be utilised in car hire, kayak hire, charters or camping gear hire.  This policy subject to management discretion.  Be aware that while some may judge it too rough for boating, others are not phased, and therefore to some extent discretionary judgment is made.  We use the BOM website’s hourly wind update to work this out.

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